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June 27, 2019

Send that Venmo request within 24 hours

App users shared their thoughts on proper payment etiquette

Money Etiquette
Venmo releases info on request etiquette Pexels

Most Venmo users agree that it's more stressful to owe someone else money than to be owed money. What do you think?

This week, Venmo released a study on payment etiquette when using the app. 

The mobile payment service asked users across the country for their thoughts on things like when to Venmo request and if you should send a Venmo request to your date.

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The answers are insightful. Of the Venmo users surveyed, 72 percent said that the appropriate time frame to send a request is within 24 hours. It's also polite to pay back the request within 24 hours of receiving it.

The majority of those polled also agreed that it's not cool to invite someone on a first date and then Venmo request them afterwards for their half of the bill. Definitely not a good way to make a first impression because 51 percent said they would feel surprised/shocked to get the request and 39 percent would feel insulted. Yikes.

Another interesting find is that only 24 percent of users believe requests can be between $1 and $5, so think before you request money from your friend for the coffee you bought them. Maybe just ask them to buy your coffee next time to make it even.

Also, if you and your friends like to send random amounts of cents to each other, just because, Venmo has a name for that. The company calls it "penny pokes" and according to Venmo more than 3 million were sent in 2018. The more you know!

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