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April 13, 2015

Video breaks down science of a perfect espresso

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041215_Espresso Stock/AP


People who admittedly depend on coffee come to be very selective about what they'll drink and what they consider unacceptable, whether it's because of the taste or the source.

Of all the coffee concoctions out there, the espresso is a glorious combination of physical exhilaration and smooth satisfaction of the palate. 

What goes into this process is pretty interesting from a technical standpoint. Baristas may find that it becomes a rote procedure, but what they do involves careful calibrations in the span of about 30 seconds. Even more amazing is that those 30 seconds may be what powers you through an entire day. 

The following video breaks down exactly what happens when an espresso shot is perfectly executed. If you're hooked, you might as well know what it's all about, anyway.