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December 22, 2019

WATCH: Eagles fan crashes Doug Pederson's press conference, asks dumb question

Following Sunday's huge win over the Cowboys, one Eagles fan found his way into head coach Doug Pederson's post-game press conference at Lincoln Financial Field, and actually managed to get a question in before being escorted out by team security. 

It started with an odd opening to the press conference, with someone loudly blurting out, "We beat Dallas! Right?" Pederson, who did not know where the question came from politely answered, "We just wanted to go 1-0."

Then things went on as normal for a minute or two, but after a few more questions were asked by actual reporters, the rogue fan again chimed in. And this time, Pederson knew something wasn't quite right — perhaps the giveaway was that he asked about facing Eli Manning next week, when it will in fact be Daniel Jones at quarterback for the Giants. Pederson called a timeout from his own press conference, and from there, Eagles security was able to remove the (possibly intoxicated?) fan and his friends from the room. 

Here's the exchange, courtesy of's Zack Rosenblatt, who was in the room:

“Doug, meeting Eli next weekend, what do you think?" he asked. ...

Finally, Pederson and Eagles security caught on.

“Who is this?” the Eagles coach asked. “Is he with the media? Is he credentialed?”

That’s when Pederson (literally) called “timeout” on the press conference as the Eagles’ head of security Dom Disandro removed the drunk fan and his friends from the press conference.  []

Pederson seemed to get a chuckle out of it, but that likely wouldn't have been the case if his team hadn't just overtaken first place in the NFC East.

Winning is fun. And as was the case with this fan, it's sometimes too much fun.

It's only a matter of time before someone tracks this fan down and finds out the story of how he and his friends got past security and into the media room in the first place, and that honestly can't happen soon enough. 

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