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May 16, 2016

Local meteorologist Cecily Tynan rescues a screech owl in distress

Screech owl rushed to Schuylkill Wildlife Center for treatment

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051616_TynanOwl Cecily Tynan/Twitter

Screech owl blanketed and rushed to Schuylkill Nature Center.

Local meteorologist Cecily Tynan, a beloved presence on 6ABC, began her Monday normally enough. 

Then, during an afternoon trail run, she sprung into action to save an injured owl she encountered in distress. 

In the whole heroic process, Tynan produced some of the most heart-melting videos we've seen of these wise nocturnal creatures since a baby owl confronted a Colorado deputy last summer.

After posting her discovery on Twitter and Facebook, readers suggested that Tynan rush the wounded owl to Schuylkill Wildlife Center.

Eventually, despite concerns about the E.T.-looking 'lil guy, Tynan got the owl to the Wildlife Center for treatment.