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October 24, 2017

WATCH: Michael Nutter rips Trump's 'sick and sad' phone call to Gold Star widow

Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter's disdain for President Trump has never been much of a secret, both before last year's election and in the tumultuous year that has followed.

Trump has come under fire this week after Myeshia Johnson, a Gold Star widow whose husband was killed during a reconnaissance mission in Nigeria, revealed the details of a disappointing phone call with the president. Appearing on "Good Morning America," Johnson said Trump forgot her husband's name, Sgt. La David Johnson, and would not disclose information about his death in the Oct. 3 mission.

In the weeks since the Islamic State ambush, which claimed four U.S. Special Operations Task Force soldiers, Trump falsely attacked former President Obama and others for failing to respectfully honor those killed in the line of duty by personally calling their families.

Johnson, a mechanic, went missing for 48 hours before his body was recovered in Niger. His wife, who received his body in a casket in Florida, said she was not permitted to look inside to see him. 

Florida Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, addressing Trump's call to Johnson last week, said the widow was told her husband "must have known what he signed up for," among other insensitive remarks later corroborated by Johnson herself. Trump, responding to the controversy on Monday, claimed in a tweet that he did say Johnson's name during the call. 

Johnson has said the phone call was placed on speaker and heard by several members of her family, Wilson and others. 

"Why would we fabricate something like that?" Johnson asked on "Good Morning America." 

In a Monday segment on CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront," Nutter attacked both Trump supporter Jason Miller and the president himself, calling the episode another "sick and sad" sign that Trump isn't fit for office. Watch the full exchange below.