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May 28, 2016

WATCH: Noah Syndergaard ejected after throwing behind Chase Utley, who later homered twice

There was speculation if the New York Mets would try any retaliation against Chase Utley this weekend, and our answer is… kind of? 

Noah Syndergaard fired a 99 mph fastball well behind Utley, which earned him an immediate ejection. Utley, of course, barely moved. Upon seeing the ejection, Mets manager Terry Collins was furious. He was eventually thrown out as well:

(Not to go unnoticed, Marlins Man was looking the other way in the front row when the pitch was released, and immediately jumped to his feet, perplexed by the call.)

Syndergaard is on the short list of the best pitchers in baseball, so losing him was obviously a major blow to the Mets. Logan Verrett came on in relief for “Thor,” and Utley opened the scoring with a homer to right field.

UPDATE: He did it again, this time a grand slam.

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