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May 21, 2016

What are the most embarrassing Eagles jerseys to own?

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The only thing worse than buying a Kiko Alonso jersey was buying a "Legend of Kiko Alonso" t-shirt.

Nnamdi Asomugha is the most embarrassing Eagles jersey to own, according to Steven Ruiz of USA Today, who named the worst jerseys to own for all 32 teams. Asomugha is a decent choice. He was the poster-child of the Dream Team season (well, sort of, if you don't count Vince Young), as he was an extremely high-paid free agent who did not live up to expectations on the field, and ate lunch in his car.

What are some other Eagles jerseys you wish you could un-own? Below is a short list of a few that come to mind. To note, this isn't just a list of crappy players. They had to have had some level of appeal at some point in their Eagles career to make people want their jerseys in the first place.

• Sam Bradford (7): Bradford may not even belong on the list, as I'm not sure if anyone actually owns these. For those who do, hard to rep a guy who just up and left the team because the Eagles drafted a quarterback, especially when he already cashed a $5.5 million signing bonus.

• Jeremy Bloom (11): He was that Olympic skier who the Eagles drafted in the fifth round and then never played. And yes, people actually had these.

• Tim Tebow (11): Tebow had the highest selling jersey on the team last year. I'm not sure if that looks worse for crazy Tebow people, or that the Eagles don't have a player who could out-sell him.

• Riley Cooper (14): No explanation necessary.

• Lorenzo Booker (25): If you bought a Lorenzo Booker jersey after he lit it up in training camp back in the day, that was a bad idea.

• DeMarco Murray (29): Murray complained to the owner of the team on the airplane ride home from the biggest win of the season.

• Byron Maxwell (31): One and done in Philly. He's kind of like mini-Nnamdi.

• Kiko Alonso (50): Even worse if you bought a "Legend of Kiko Alonso" shirt.

• Stewart Bradley (55): Oh, the high hopes people had for Big Stew. And then "Flight Night" happened.

• Freddie Mitchell (84): Imagine how much Freddie would have talked if he were good.

• Jason Babin (93): Biggest jerk I've ever covered. Just a miserable person.

Did I miss any?

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