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March 15, 2017

Wissahickon Brewing Co. sets opening date

Philly's beer scene keeps growing

Wissahickon Brewing Co. will officially open on Saturday, April 1. To celebrate, the microbrewery is hosting a grand opening party from 2-10 p.m. in its tasting room.

At the party, there will be live music, food trucks and, of course, plenty to drink.

The brewery's go-to beers are named after icons in Wissahickon Valley Park. Beers include Devil's Pool, Teedyuscung (It's a massive Native American statue in the park. Hard to find unless you know what trail to take.) and Kelpius Kave.

Wissahickon Brewing Co. is located on School House Lane in East Falls. Learn more about the brewery's story from company President Tim Gill:

Wissahickon Brewing Co. Grand Opening Party

Saturday, April 1
2-10 p.m. | Pay-as-you-go
Wissahickon Brewing Co.
3705 W. School House Lane