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March 29, 2018

You could be a (batting practice) pitcher for the Phillies (if you're left handed)

What's up, fans of Philadelphia's ONLY professional baseball team who are also looking for seasonal employment?

Unorthodox new Phillies manager Gabe Kapler wants you to join the team. Yes, you! OK, so this isn't exactly a Vince Papale opportunity. It is, however, a very real chance for you to be part of the Phillies coaching staff.

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The team is looking for a left-handed batting practice pitcher, according to a job posting on the Phillies' website. Applicants must be able to check off the following boxes:

• At least 21 years old
• Able to efficiently throw a baseball left-handed with precision accuracy and moderate pace
• Have some previous experience at the high school, college or professional level preferred (but not required)
• Availability on all Phillies home game dates at Citizens Bank Park (exact hours TBD)
• A selfless team player who wants to contribute to bringing a World Series Championship to Philadelphia

(A few quick notes: Why do you have to be 21? Are batting practice pitchers slugging beers while they toss like the 1993 Phillies? Also, I love the sharp contrast in the necessary qualifications. "Must be ready to DELIVER ANOTHER WORLD SERIES TO OUR CITY and also you'll have to work some weekends probably.")

Applicants must also include a YouTube clip of them throwing a baseball. Kapler announced the opportunity in a Facebook video Wednesday on the eve of the Opening Day game against the Atlanta Braves.

I would apply if it weren't for the fact that 1. I am not left-handed 2. Despite one year of CYO baseball and a very successful mildly successful competent season of slow-pitch softball last summer, I do not think I can consistently throw a baseball accurately and at a steady velocity.

For those of you with those skills, best of luck. Go Phils.

(h/t, PhillyMag)