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May 03, 2016

All New Jersey public schools to undergo mandatory lead water testing

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has ordered all of the state's public schools to test their drinking water for lead.

According to Newsworks, about 3,000 schools would undergo the testing at the start of the upcoming school year. The initiative would be funded by $10 million added into the proposed state budget.

Christie has also directed the state health commissioner to lower state standards for intervention based on blood-lead levels, Newsworks reports.

Although replacing water pipes in schools with insufficient lead levels would be a costly endeavor, Christie noted that some of the state's schools, including some in Camden, are already using bottled water for drinking to skirt the issue.

Schools may also be eligible for federal grants to remedy related issues, a concept that will be looked into, Newsworks reports.

Read the full Newsworks article here. 

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