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June 11, 2016

Andrew Bynum showed up at Game 4 of the NBA Finals with blonde hair

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Many Sixers fans have lamented the painful last three years of “The Process,” and they’re certainly not wrong that slogging through 10 to 19 win seasons takes a toll on everyone involved. But for my money, the 2012-13 season sits alone atop the fictional Sixers Fans Misery Index.

At least Sam Hinkie was wheeling and dealing for future assets and fans could count on a top draft pick at the end of each year, right? There wasn’t any future planning going on in 2012-13.

In August 2012, deliriously happy Sixers fans packed the Constitution Center for what is, in retrospect, one of the funniest press conferences you will ever see. An all-star in 2012 and two-time champ with the Lakers, Bynum, who was acquired in a trade that sent Andre Iguodala and Nik Vucevic elsewhere, was viewed as a savior of sorts in Philly:

(And while the trade turned out to be a complete disaster from the Sixers’ standpoint, part of me still applauds the rationale behind the move. The Iguodala-Holiday-Young core wasn’t winning anything of note, and Bynum represented a chance at a legitimate star.)

Bynum of course never played a game in a Sixers uniform. He did go bowling, though, if I remember correctly. Bynum suited up in Cleveland the year after, but injuries forced him to wash out of the league by 2014. Still only 28 years old, Bynum was back at The Q last night, enjoying Game 4 of the NBA Finals… with yellow hair and a cold beer in hand:

Life comes at you fast.

He will always be disliked in Philly, because that’s the way things go. Still, remember that Bynum is a guy watching athletes his age and older that he used to be better than. It’s kind of cool that he still has no problem enjoying himself as a paying customer at a finals game.

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