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January 31, 2018

Ask Hickey: Do goths dance to the Eagles Fight Song?

The hometown football team has made a wide array of folks in Philly happy

Eagles Ask Hickey
Dancing Maurício Mascaro/

Dancing is good for the soul.

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And now, this week’s question...

Goths always seem to put off an image that they don't care about things, especially organized sports. Can you find evidence of goths rooting for the Eagles and even dancing to the fight song #flyeaglesfly ? - Michael M., via Facebook

As everybody knows, goths dance to anything. No, seriously, ANYTHING.

Well, anything except the Eagles Fight Song, as best I could tell from a 20-second online search. Despite the stereotypes, some of which you bolstered in your question, all goths aren't aggressively disengaged from the rabble of the world around them.

Such as these ones below, in the video I created so the world no longer has to keep spinning without Goths Dancing to Anything Including "Fly Eagles Fly."