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June 05, 2024

Attic Brewing teams up with same-name breweries in Europe to release beer timed for Phillies' London series

Trifecta, a hazy IPA that will be available Thursday, is a collaboration among the Germantown beer maker and brewers in England and Spain.

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Attic Brewing Phillies PROVIDED IMAGE/Attic Brewing Co.

The owners of three breweries that share the same name — Attic Brewing Co. in Philadelphia, Attic Brew Co. in Birmingham, England, and Attik Brewing in Malaga, Spain — met in the U.K. in April to brew together.

The United Kingdom won't just get a taste of the Phillies this weekend, it will get a taste of Philly's beer scene. 

In April, three breweries with the same name in three different countries — Attic Brewing Co. in Philadelphia, Attic Brew Co. in Birmingham, England, and Attik Brewing in Malaga, Spain — met in the U.K. to brew together for a beer that will be released at each of their locations Thursday ahead of the Phillies' weekend series against the Mets in London. 

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Each brewery selected a variety of hops to add to the collaboration beer, which is a hazy IPA called the Trifecta (5.2% ABV) that has notes of citrus, grapefruit and berries. 

Trifecta Beer

"We bought tickets to the Phillies game in London, and thought it would be cool to visit Attic Brew Co. in Birmingham while we were there," said Laura Lacy, the co-owner of the Germantown brewery. "After connecting, we pitched the idea of brewing a beer together and releasing it for the Phillies game. They were 100% on board and told us about the third Attik Brewing in Spain. It's amazing that we were all able to meet and brew together. It's been an incredible once in a lifetime experience." 

Lacy and her husband Todd, Attic's other co-owner, landed in the U.K. on Wednesday morning. They will reunite with the other same-name brewers at the British Attic Brew Co.'s taproom for Thursday's release and join their Birmingham brethren again at Mother Kelly's in London on Saturday for a pregame party. For anyone from Philly traveling to London to watch the Phillies, lookout for the beer on tap at various bars around the city.

In Philly, Attic Brewing will show both Phillies' games — Saturday at 1:10 p.m. and Sunday at 10:10 a.m. — on the big screen with food trucks and beer specials.

On top of a shared name, the three breweries share an origin story: All three, which opened between 2018 and 2020, got their starts homebrewing in attic apartments. For the Philadelphia-based Attic, Lacy said the name is a reference to the Germantown apartment she and husband shared.

"We used to throw fun parties and it's a special place for us," she said. "It's also where he started homebrewing, which is quite an adventure with the heavy ingredients that need to be carried up and not having any temperature control."