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October 16, 2015

Biz Markie really loves marshmallows

Enter the Lucky Charms sweepstakes by Sunday for chance to win one of 10 boxes of 'marshmallow only' cereal

Gimmicks Lucky Charms
Biz Markie Lucky Charms Jingle Lucky Charms video/Via YouTube

Old-school rapper Biz Markie lends his voice, and an old song, to a cereal-brand's sweepstakes to win one of 10 marshmallow-only boxes of Lucky Charms.

Let's start this post off by making a deal amongst ourselves: 

By clicking on the video located directly under this paragraph, you hereby agree that PhillyVoice bears no responsibility for the fact that Biz Markie's "Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only" song will instantly enter your iBrain's heavy-rotation playlist. Let's regroup after you decide whether you'll click.

OK. So, those of you who righteously clicked on the above video any number of times already know that that song is a parody of Mr. Markie's classic 1989 jawn "Just A Friend." 

And that the updated video includes a broadside attack on the taste of cereal oats, a piano decorated with eight bowls of marshmallow-only product and cereal-box kittens and unicorns.

And that it's designed to hype a #Lucky10Sweepstakes that the good folks at Lucky Charms have undertaken to -- in a Wonka-esque stroke of marketing/branding advancement -- send out into the world 10 marshmallow-only cereal boxes.

This is a big deal on par with McDonald's all-day breakfast. Marshmallows are very good. 

Per Adweek, "This apparently LSD-induced video was created by General Mills agency Saatchi & Saatchi New York."

Per the rules of said contest, you only have until Sunday to enter by way of sending a selfie of yourself -- duh -- holding an "imaginary 'Marshmallow-Only' box of cereal" to Lucky Charms' Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with the #Lucky10Sweepstakes hashtag.

So, good luck and should you win, please share.