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April 16, 2018

Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ will end after Season 5

Watch iconic moments from the series created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

“Broad City,” the Comedy Central comedy starring Ilana Glazer and Main Line native Abbi Jacobson, will air its final season in 2019.

The show – which once featured a visit to Jacobson’s hometown in Wayne, Chester County, complete with a SEPTA ride out of 30th Street station in the episode “Philadelphia” – will wrap at the end of its fifth season next year. Its fourth season finished airing in December.

Fans of Jacobson and Glazer won’t be totally without the comedy pair, however, as Comedy Central reportedly signed a development deal with the women, according to Deadline.

The stars, who also created and directed "Broad City," agreed to give Comedy Central first dibs on future television content they create (either together or separately). The agreement applies to the network’s parent company, Viacom, as well.

In a statement, Comedy Central outlined three developments in the works with the team, including "Malltown USA," an animated series executive produced by the duo, "Platnum Status," which is written by Glazer's brother Elliot Glazer, and "Young Professionals," executive produced by the pair and written by former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, David Litt.

Jacobson is working on a reboot of “A League of Their Own” for Amazon, as well.

Deadline reported it was Jacobson and Glazer’s choice to end "Broad City" after the fifth season, following through on a contract for a fourth and fifth season renewal that was signed back before the third season even aired.

In honor of the show’s fifth and final season, take a look back at five iconic moments “Broad City” gave us.



The Blue Dress


Journey back to 2011

Those clips barely scratch the surface – every scene with Hannibal Burress is perfection, for example – so there's plenty to relive until the "Broad City" series finale next year.

A final date for the last episode has not yet been announced.