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April 15, 2018

'SNL' recap: Stiller and De Niro play Cohen and Mueller for 'Meet the Parents' parody

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Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller and Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Comedian John Mulaney returned to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, hosting the show he used to write for. Here are the highlights of Saturday's show:

"Meet the Parents"

Ben Stiller plays Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, while Robert De Niro makes an appearance as Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a parody of the lie detector scene from "Meet the Parents."

Drag Brunch

Mulaney is a drag queen waitress who has a personal vendetta against one of his customers.

Diner Lobster

Never order lobster in a diner, or else things might get musical.

Sitcom Reboot

A Hollywood producer explains his disastrous sitcom that focused on a very taboo plotline.


A man explains to his girlfriend his decision to have his horns removed.

National School Walkout

A student can't participate in a school protest over gun violence because of a very specific problem.

Reality Intro

Watch a promo for a reality television show that's only about the introductions.

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