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September 10, 2023

Bryce Harper wears midnight green batting gloves in nod to the Eagles

The Phillies star once again proves he's completely in sync with the city.

Once again, Bryce Harper has proven completely in sync with the city of Philadelphia.

For Sunday's series finale against the Marlins, as the Phillies continue to chase after an NL Wild Card spot, Harper stepped up to the plate with a pair of midnight green and white batting gloves in an obvious (and pretty clever) nod to the Eagles as they kick off their 2023 season up in Foxboro.

Here's a look at Harper with the gloves on Sunday via Absolutely Hammered on Twitter (X...whatever):

He knows his audience, for sure. (He is an avid WIP listener, after all.)

Harper showed up to Citizens Bank Park in a Kelly green Jason Kelce jersey before a game early last month as soon as they went on sale, and he's had way more tributes to Philly sports, the Phanatic, and the city as a whole – via bats, shirts, cleats, gloves, belts, and so on – before too. 

And they're going to be far from the last.

"I just...I love being a Phillie. Plain and simple," Harper said after hitting his 300th home run in front of the home crowd a couple of weeks ago. "It's something I dream about. This fan base, this city, I just...I love 'em. I really do. Plain and simple. I feel like I'm part of this family and they're part of our family as well, and it's just...there's nothing like it. I can go on and on, and everybody thinks I pander a lot, but it's real. It's so real, it's from the bottom of my heart, and I'm just thankful to put this jersey on every day."

Plus some tributes to the city's other major teams as well. 

Sunday's game back in Philadelphia was looking like smooth sailing for Harper and Phils as Ranger Suárez put up a no-hit bid through 6.1 innings, but nothing has come all that easy to the club of late, so as of this writing, they're currently trying to rally back for the lead in the eighth. (Never mind, they lost.)

The Eagles are set to kick off against the Patriots shortly at 4:25 up in Foxboro. 

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