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January 07, 2016

Gender stereotypes discussed at Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Film series titled 'The Representation Project' opens

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The Bryn Mawr Film Institute in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute is hosting a series titled "The Representation Project," which will feature two films by actress, women's advocate and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Sibel Newsom. The series intends to change views on gender stereotypes, challenge gender constrictions and open a discussion on bullying. 

The film "Miss Representation," will be shown Thursday, Jan. 21. The 2011 documentary explores how media contributes to the underrepresentation of powerful, influential women, instead choosing sexist depictions. Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Condoleeza Rice and Gloria Steinem all make appearances in the film to discuss the topic.

The other film is "The Mask You Live In," which will be show first on Thursday, Jan. 14. The film is the 2015 follow-up to "Miss Representation." The focus shifts to boys and young men struggling with the constricting definition of masculinity.

There will also be a discussion with a panel of experts after each film

"The Representation Project"

Thursday, Jan. 14, 21
7 p.m.
Bryn Mawr Film Institute
824 Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr
(610) 527-9898