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March 27, 2015

Cheap, fun, easy: Spring cleaning hacks

For those who hate cleaning

Cleaning Hacks
Clean Home Photo

What your apartment or home could look like after a spring cleanse.

It's time to stop making excuses and finally begin cleaning out the clutter you've accumulated during this long winter and prepare for spring. 

If merely the thought of beginning the process has your anxiety levels rising, don't worry. There's plenty of cheap and easy ways to make a thorough apartment or house cleanse manageable. Check out these tip sheets on how to make spring cleaning less of a drag.


This list from Consumer Reports contains several ways to stock up on supplies and utilize the cleaning tools you already have without breaking the bank. There are ways to make your cleaning gear last longer, such as ripping your sponge pads in half to double your supply. Also, there's preventative measures, like keeping a solid doormat outside to keep extra dirt out. Plus, there are easy ways to personalize it:


If your stockpile of supplies contains nothing more than a vacuum and two packs of Lysol wipes, this list from Express contains several ways to take advantage of common household items you already have. As it turns out you can, in fact, use cola to clean your toilet. Also, you've been organizing your T-shirt drawer all wrong:


Who said cleaning can't be fun? Committing to a complete home purge doesn't mean mindlessly slaving away, and Quick and Dirt Tips has a bunch of ways to make the process more enjoyable. Turn the music up, use aesthetically pleasing cleaning tools, and organize a game plan with your family or roommates. Most importantly, set up realistic goals, and when you achieve them, treat yourself: