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November 12, 2015

'The Dayman' from 'It's Always Sunny' spliced to 'Star Wars' trailer

'The Force Awakens' gets Charlie's musical treatment in mashup video

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111215_AlwaysSunnyDayman Contributed Art/YouTube

Frank, Dee, Mac and Dennis perform "The Nightman Cometh" musical from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Among the most popular episodes of the FX series 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is the season four finale, "The Nightman Cometh," in which Charlie writes an atrocious musical that provokes ritual infighting within the gang, culminating with a disaster opening performance.

Still, people loved it so much that in 2009 the 'Always Sunny' cast toured the musical as 'The Nightman Cometh Live.'

Few 'Star Wars' fans and observers expect the upcoming seventh episode of the film franchise, 'The Force Awakens,' to bomb in any way, shape or form. But for kicks, one YouTuber decided to overlay the recently released trailer for 'The Force Awakens' with a memorable number, "The Dayman," straight from Charlie's musical.

Given the suspenseful sci-fi tone of the 'Star Wars' movies, "The Dayman" almost manages to create a little drama when the stage performance is subtracted. As Tech Times points out, Han Solo is the obvious choice for The Dayman in this version of the trailer. Maybe the lovable new droid, BB-8, is Danny DeVito as the Troll Toll.

Check out the mashup below and the original video for reference.