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February 26, 2016

Deer leaps through window at New Jersey middle school

Animal Control responds to scene, whisks young doe away

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022616_DeerNJMiddleSchool Source /North Arlington Police Department

Deer pictured in Main Office at North Arlington Middle School in Bergen County, New Jersey after leaping through window on February 26, 2016.

Friday afternoons tend to be casual and calm for most middle schoolers, but that was not the case Friday at North Arlington Middle School in Bergen County, New Jersey, where a deer jumped through an open window and made its way into a classroom.

According to the North Arlington Police Department, the one-year-old doe bounded through an unlocked window to an administrator's office just as school was letting out for the day. That office was fortunately locked, and somehow the window survived without significant damage, but a water cooler was knocked over and a wall was dented as the animal attempted to escape.

Officials said the deer never came into contact with students, however its incredible leap was captured and later posted on Instagram.


Deer leaps through window at North Arlington Middle School.

Residents of North Arlington said the deer had been spotted running around in the neighborhood earlier in the day, according to CBS New York.

Eventually, Animal Control arrived at the school and tranquilized the deer before tucking her in a blanket and rolling her away on a cart.

It's not clear what drove the deer to take the leap of faith, but some residents speculated that it may have seen its reflection and acted in an aggressive display of courtship. There were no injuries reported and the deer will be released in a more appropriate area.