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July 31, 2023

Eagles DE Josh Sweat wants the Kelly green uniforms to be 'permanent'

"They need to be our, like, permanent," Sweat said. "We can just wear the black as an alternate, but yeah, the Kelly green, that needs to be the main."

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Josh-Sweat-2021-NFL-Pro-Bowl-Eagles.jpg Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Eagles DE Josh Sweat, pictured back at the 2021 Pro Bowl, is a fan of the Kelly green throwbacks.

Count Josh Sweat as a fan of the Kelly greens, and the one who looked the best in the reveal of the throwback uniforms over the weekend...according to him.

"I had the best picture though, easily," Sweat said after the Eagles' training camp practice on Sunday. And you know what? He's got a strong argument. The old-school radio is a nice touch and pass rushers with jersey numbers in the 90s do have a tendency to become iconic in that color (see Reggie White and Jerome Brown)."

The Eagles finally brought back 90s-inspired Kelly green uniforms as an alternate for 2023, after years of fan demand and the NFL's reworking of a restrictive uniform policy (the infamous one-helmet rule) in 2021. 

On Monday morning, after a leak on Saturday night forced the reveal to be made earlier than planned, the team announced the two games they'll be wearing the throwbacks this season: Week 7 against Miami on October 22 and then Week 12 against Buffalo on November 26, with both being home games at the Linc. 

It's only those two games though, for this season at least. Sweat, however, wants to see them become a lot more regular.

"The Kelly green? They need to be our, like, permanent," he said when asked about his thoughts on the uniform. "We can just wear the black as an alternate, but yeah, the Kelly green, that needs to be the main."

And given how big the response has been to just the jerseys going on sale Monday morning, a lot of Eagles fans are probably going to be in agreement with him.

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