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November 09, 2016

Eagles power ranking roundup: Week 10

110916CarsonWentz Frank Franklin II/AP

The Eagles are now 0-3 in the NFC East.

As we know, power rankings are kind of pointless, but we click them anyway. Here's a roundup of where the Eagles "rank" after their second consecutive frustrating loss to an NFC East rival.

ESPN: 18th

82 percent: The Eagles started the season 3-0 and had an 82 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to NFL FPI. That was fifth best in the NFL at the time.
29 percent: Since dropping four of their next five, the Eagles' playoff chances have dipped to 29 percent, according to FPI, 16th in the NFL. The Eagles have the second-hardest remaining strength of schedule (.602).

#JimmyNote: Who can even trust projections anymore? 10th

Well, Doug Pederson must've heard the complaints about him being a Conservative Connie (in a football sense, not politically). A week after taking heavy criticism for not stepping on the gas pedal in Dallas, Pederson played to the masses and went for it on two key fourth downs in the first half ... and got stuffed on both. At least his special teams unit made up for it by allowing a blocked field goal on another first-half possession. Those empty trips to the Giants' side of the field cost the Eagles the game. Is it just me, or do Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews often seem to not be on the same page?

#JimmyNote: If the season ended today, the Eagles would be the 10 seed (if a 10 seed even existed). I'm not sure how they can be ranked 10th overall.

USA Today: 18th

Carson Wentz has six turnovers in last five games. Doug Pederson is eschewing field goals. Rookie growing pains all over the place in Philly.

#JimmyNote: I mean, Pederson is trying to get seven instead of three. He's not "eschewing" anything. When it works, like it did when he went five for five on fourth down heading into this game, the guy gets a golf clap. When it doesn't, people call for your head.

Yahoo: 15th

I’m not quite sure why the Eagles have given up on Ryan Mathews. He has played just eight snaps in each of Philadelphia’s last two games, with Darren Sproles getting almost all of the action. Mathews hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been bad either. The Eagles could use a better running game instead of asking quarterback Carson Wentz to do it all.

#JimmyNote: Uh, because he fumbled in two inexcusable fourth quarter kill-the-clock situations?

CBS: 17th

Two road losses the past two weeks has this team reeling. Now they face a good Atlanta team at home.

#JimmyNote: The good news is that the Eagles have outscored opponents 84-23 at home.

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