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October 19, 2016

Eagles power ranking roundup: Back to mediocrity

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The Eagles lost two games, which means that Carson Wentz is terrible and should be fired into the sun.

As we know, power rankings are kind of pointless, but we click them anyway. Here's a roundup of where the Eagles "rank" a week after their second straight loss of the season.

In case you missed our equally meaningless NFC power rankings, you can find them here.

ESPN: 15th

The Redskins might have been the first to realize you don't need to blitz Carson Wentz to beat him, sending four or fewer pass-rushers on 82 percent of his dropbacks. Wentz has completed an NFL-best 80 percent of his passes when blitzed this season, so watch for teams to take their cue from the Redskins.

#JimmyNote: I'm not so sure it's Wentz who the Redskins stopped as much as it was the boot-stomping the Eagles received in the trenches. 13th

Much to study about the Eagles' loss in Washington. The offensive line was beaten repeatedly by the Redskins' pass rush, with Carson Wentz sacked five times. The Philly defense was simply flattened on third down, allowing Washington a conversion rate of over 50 percent on pro football's most important down. Yet, after all that, Doug Pederson's squad was still in it, down 27-17, deep in Redskins territory. Zach Ertz simply can't drop that ball on third down. Ugh.

#JimmyNote: He certainly can't, but did.

USA Today: 18th

Their poorest offensive showing of season coincided with suspension of RT Lane Johnson, who will sit out nine more games.

#JimmyNote: USA Today had formerly had the Eagles higher than most in their power rankings, but it would appear they're out. They're certainly correct that the loss of Lane Johnson hurts badly.

Yahoo: 14th

Don’t be confused by the Eagles losing by only 7 points on Sunday. They were dominated by the Redskins. Washington more than doubled Philadelphia’s yardage total, 493-239. The Eagles were flustered by Washington’s pass rush (the offensive line was bad without Lane Johnson, who is now one game into a 10-game suspension) and the defense was gashed by the run and pass. And now the Eagles get the undefeated Vikings at home next week. That will be a very interesting game for Philadelphia.

#JimmyNote: Yep, the final score of that game was in no way at all indicative of the beatdown the Eagles received.

FOX: 15th

The Carson Wentzwagon has emptied out a big in recent weeks as he’s been less than stellar. The Eagles have dropped two straight and look nothing like the dominant team they were for the first three games. The defense is solid, but the absence of a consistent running game will hurt them going forward.

#JimmyNote: Whoever wrote this clearly has not watched the games. Wentz still very much looks like the real deal, and the defense has faltered in a major way. 

CBS: 12th

They've lost two consecutive games on the road, and the defense hasn't looked good. Getting back home to face the Vikings won't be easy.

#JimmyNote: Nope.

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