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May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 weather: Strong chance of disappointment

Forecast in Philly and Jersey Shore calls for 60 percent probability of rain on Monday

The weather forecast for Memorial Day? An increasing chance of disappointment, both in Philly and at the beaches from Cape May and north, even beyond Brigantine.

For starters, there's a chance of rain from Friday afternoon through 9 p.m. in Philadelphia, though the shore looks like it will be rain-free then.

Saturday is the pick of the weekend, mostly sunny, and 89 degrees in Philly, mostly sunny and 82 in Cape May.

Sunday will be mostly sunny, a high of 82 and a chance of thunderstorm at the shore –  but just 20 percent. In Philadelphia, there's the same chance of storms and the high may hit 90 degrees on Sunday.

Monday – Memorial Day – is the big problem.

In Philly, there's a strong chance of showers and then thunderstorms all day Monday after 9 a.m., all the way through to 3 a.m. Tuesday. The high in Philadelphia is pegged at 80.

At the shore, the high on Memorial Day is forecast at just 74 degrees the chance of showers and thundershowers is 60 percent.

Visit the National Weather Service's website for the latest forecasts for Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore.