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October 27, 2016

Franklin Institute to host 'Gaming and Robotics Weekend'

Explore the new 'Robot Revolution' exhibit during a museum theme day

On Oct. 8, The Franklin Institute opened a new exhibit "Robot Revolution," supported by Google. Forty innovative robots from around the world are on display in the exhibit, which includes a self-driving Google car. 

To celebrate the new exhibit, the museum will host a series of family-friendly theme days "exploring all the different areas in which robots contribute to our world," according to The Franklin Institute's website

On Nov. 5, the theme will be "Gaming and Robotics." Attendees will be able to enjoy robot-themed activities, including:

• Operation circuit building activity
• Toy dissections
• Pacman ozobots
• Scribblebots
• Drone flight school

The event is free to attend with general museum admission.

Gaming and Robotics Weekend

Saturday, Nov. 5
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. | Free with general admission
The Franklin Institute
222 N. 20th St.