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September 20, 2019

Google creates 'Friends' Easter eggs – here's how to find them

Special icons appear when you search for the main characters

In honor of "Friends" 25th anniversary, Google created several Easter eggs related to the beloved sitcom.

The search engine shows users special icons when you search for the main characters.

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Type in "Ross Geller" or "Ross Friends" and you'll see a tiny picture of a couch next to the information on the character. Click on it and you'll hear Ross' extremely helpful instruction to "Pivot!" The page also will tilt.

If you search for Rachel Green, you'll see an icon for Jennifer Aniston's famous "The Rachel" haircut.

And if you do a quick google for Joey Tribianni, you get an icon of his favorite food: pizza. Click, and more food will pop up on the screen before Joey quickly grabs it shouting, "Joey doesn't share food!" But we knew that already.

Chandler Bing's icon couldn't *BE* any more obvious. Kidding actually. It's an armchair and if you click it, the chick and duck appear. I guess choosing which of Chandler's best wisecracks to include was too difficult.

For Monica Geller, the icon fits her clean freak personality. It's a bucket filled with soapy water. Click on it and a sponge pops up to clean her name, changing it to the purple of Monica and Rachel's apartment walls.

Phoebe Buffay's easter egg is one of the best. Click on the guitar and you'll hear "Smelly Cat," arguably the greatest song ever after "I'll Be There for You."

You can also google "Friends glossary" and the search engine will pull up definitions for unagi, woopah, unfloopy, phalange, mississipily and a bunch of other terms from the TV show.

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