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July 01, 2019

Gluten-free pizzas might not be entirely free from the troubling protein

'Good Morning America' experts tested 15 gluten-free pizzas

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Gluten-free pizza may not be entirely free of the intestine-disrupting protein.

While many restaurants now offer gluten-free options for those living with gluten sensitivities, allergies and even Celiac disease, can these eateries, which are filled with more gluten products than not, be truly free of contamination?

"Good Morning America" — guided by gluten-free experts — conducted an in-house experiment that involved ordering pizzas from 15 different New York City restaurants and inquiring if the pizza pies were entirely gluten-free and safe for someone with celiac disease.

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The news outlet then sent the pizzas to a lab for testing.

The result?  Two of the 15 pizzas were well above the FDA standard with 20 parts per million. Four other pizzas had more than five parts per million, a level which still technically qualifies as gluten-free.

"When people who have celiac disease eat gluten, the result is a reaction in their small intestine that can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and weight loss," Mayo Clinic explains.

"Good Morning America," and its team of experts, suggest that people with severe gluten-intolerances contact the restaurant prior to arrival to suss things out and suggest bringing it up again upon arrival to ensure total confidence.

This investigation builds upon past research stating that one-third of gluten-free restaurant menu items actually contain the protein

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