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September 15, 2015

Video: Jersey high school player rips off helmet, hits opponent with it

Police investigating the incident, school determining punishment

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New Jersey High School Football Mai Day Productions/Youtube

Police are investigating after a Linden High School football player hit an opposing player with his helmet.

Police are investigating after a New Jersey high school football player ripped off the helmet of an opponent and then smacked him in the head with it. 

According to, the incident happened Friday during a game between Linden High School and Immaculata High School.

A video from the game appears to show a defensive Linden player grab the helmet of an Immaculata offensive lineman, tear it off of his head, and swing it back at him, knocking him in the forehead: 

MyCentralJersey reports that the Immaculata player was taken to the hospital, where his head was stitched up.

Linden High School officials say they are determining an appropriate punishment for its player.

The Linden player was flagged but not ejected from the game.

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