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August 20, 2019

Holier is a vitamin supplement created especially for vegans

Replacing the nutrients missed by removing animal products from your diet

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holier vegan multivitamin Photo courtesy/Holier

Holier vitamins are made with 100 percent vegan products.

One of the main arguments against the vegan diet is that practitioners miss necessary vitamins and nutrients by choosing not to eat animal products.

As a result, many vegans turn to supplements to boost their plant-based lifestyle and ensure they’re living their healthiest life.

Some supplements made specifically for vegans tend to be lackluster, if not outdated, and tricky to determine if they’re fully vegan. This fact inspired Lisa Gonzalez-Turner to create the vegan supplement brand, Holier, which launched Tuesday.

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Made with vegetarian, vegans and vegan-ish (people who mostly follow a plant-based diet) individuals in mind, Holier serves to simplify the world of supplements by being straightforward about its consciously crafted products.

While formulated to provide the nutrients vegans miss from animal products, Holier is safe to be consumed by everyone — including those who don’t really stick to a diet.

Holier’s multivitamin for vegans is described as: “A simplified multivitamin made for vegans, vegetarians and mostly plant-based people. With 8 science-backed vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable forms, this daily vitamin gives you everything you need and nothing extra.”

Those vitamins and minerals include vitamin B12, Omega-3, vitamin D3, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and vitamin K2. Trend Hunter reports that Holier’s supplements are “packaged into liquid-filled beadlet capsules that help to increase absorption and release with a delay to prevent nausea, even if they are taken without food at any time of the day.”

Like many popular wellness initiatives, Holier is offering a monthly subscription to its vegan vitamin. It’s $32 per month and you can pause, skip or cancel whenever you want.

Learn more about Holier products here

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