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Nearly 2 million Americans are using kratom yearly, but it is banned in multiple states

Kratom Health Effects

Health News

Poison control calls about 'gas station heroin' have risen sharply in New Jersey

Gas Station Heroin


Don't let 'FDA-approved' or 'patented' in ads give you a false sense of security

Advertising Supplements FDA

Children's Health

More parents are giving kids melatonin as a sleep aid, but experts urge caution

Melatonin Kids Safety

Alternative Medicine

Turmeric may be as effective at treating indigestion as a common acid reflux drug, study finds

Turmeric Health Benefits

Alternative Medicine

Is ashwagandha a natural stress reliever? What to know about the Ayurvedic health remedy

Ashwagandha Benefits

Mental Health

Can probiotics help with depression? Link between mental health, gut bacteria points to benefits

Probiotics Depression Anxiety


Japanese plum juice, touted as a natural remedy to heart disease, actually works, Temple researchers say

Japanese Plum Hypertension


Berberine is being lauded as a weight-loss remedy on social media. Does it actually work?

Berberine Weight Loss

Children's Health

Melatonin gummies often have higher doses than what's listed on their labels, study finds

Melatonin gummies children


Vitamin D supplements may decrease diabetes risk in people with prediabetes, researchers say

Diabetes and vitamin D


What you should know about taking workout supplements

Purchased - Woman drinking a workout supplement

Adult Health

Taking Vitamin D and fish oil can help lower older adults risk of autoimmune disease, study finds

Vitamin D fish oil supplements


3 in 10 Americans increased supplement use during the pandemic, according to a new poll

U.S. supplement use

Healthy Eating

Taking fish oil supplements to improve heart health remains controversial

Fish oil controversy


Take caution when using melatonin to help children fall asleep, experts advise

Melatonin Benefits Children


Vitamin C and Zinc supplements don't mitigate COVID-19 symptoms, study says

Healthy Eating

Prescription fish oil doesn't improve heart health – and may even harm it

FIsh oil heart health


What you need to know about taking zinc

Sources of dietary zinc

Adult Health

Fish oil supplements may not protect against cancer – as previously believed

Fish oil supplements don't protect against -- may even increase prostate cancer risk


Dietary supplements can be dangerously contaminated, UConn pharmacy professor says

Dietary Supplements Contamination

Men's Health

Zinc and folic acid supplements do not improve male fertility

Zinc, folic acid supplementation does not improve male fertility

Health News

Popular dietary supplement kratom may cause liver damage

kratom dietary supplement liver damage

Adult Health

Are digestive supplements worth all the hype?

Digestive Supplements


Holier is a vitamin supplement created especially for vegans

holier vegan multivitamin


Camu camu is the latest trending 'superfood' you've probably never heard of

camu camu superfood

Women's Health

Melatonin supplements may mess with birth control pills

birth control pills unsplash


Here's what you should know about kratom — the controversial opioid-like plant

kratom facts


Man's death from caffeine supplement serves as reminder of the dangers

Lachlan Foote Caffeine Overdose 07082019


CVS putting vitamins and supplements to the test

Stock_Carroll - CVS Pharmacy

Adult Health

Joint pain supplement may actually benefit your heart

Heart Scan Health 05152019


MCT oil: The brain-boosting and weight loss-promoting extract you should know about

mct oil

Alternative Medicine

Breast milk ingredient might just be the next big thing in adult supplements


Alternative Medicine

This is the supplement Taylor Swift takes to manage her anxiety

taylor swift vitamin usa today

Health News

FDA vows to ramp up oversight of vitamins, dietary supplements

Various Vitamins on Table


The slippery slope of fish oil supplements



Whole Foods offering sweet deal on supplements this weekend



These professional athletes created their own clean supplement brand


Four foods that have more vitamin C than oranges

Plate of Chopped Kiwi


You won’t believe what these super vitamins can do for your body

Mindful Mondays

When energy goes low: The skinny on supplements



Arthritis is the No. 1 cause of disability – Here are five ways to prevent it

Stock_Carroll - Hospital ER Wheelchair

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