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June 22, 2017

How the latest NBA Draft, Celtics and Knicks trade rumors affect the Sixers

The NBA Draft is just a few hours away, and there are plenty of last-minute trade rumors involving teams in the Sixers’ division. The Sixers’ outlook for tonight’s draft is pretty simple, and here’s one last look at how the major trade rumors affect them:

Porzingis update

The Sixers have the top pick in the draft tonight, but it’s the New York Knicks who are the most discussed team in the NBA right now. As we wrote about today, Phil Jackson has made it known that Kristaps Porzingis is available for the right return and Knicks trade rumors have been everywhere on the Interwebs over the past 24 hours.

But with the Knicks set on landing a top-five pick in this draft, one team has come into focus in terms of a potential Porzingis trade: the Boston Celtics. But according to the New York Daily News, Phil Jackson is asking for a lot in return:

According to a Knicks source, Jackson is asking for the third overall pick in Thursday's draft as well as next year's Brooklyn pick along with the Celtics' 2016 first-round pick Jaylen Brown (3rd overall) and Jae Crowder. This version of the deal would not include Boston taking on Joakim Noah's contract.

The Celtics feel the price is far too high but they are open to tweaking the deal to include just one draft pick, either this year's No. 3 or next year's Brooklyn pick.

How it affects the Sixers: Well, Porzingis would provide the Celtics with a major piece for a potential (key word there) rivalry with the Sixers down the road. The major criticism I have for the Celtics trading Fultz is that unlike the Sixers, they don’t have a player with the star potential that Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and now Fultz now have in Philly.

They do have a bunch of picks who can deliver those types of players, though. The reported haul would be a very solid return for Zinger, but I can’t imagine Danny Ainge parting with that many #assets.

Jackson doesn’t have to trade Porzingis, and it sounds like his offer is too rich for the Celtics’ blood. The Knicks can keep Porzingis, but what was the point of publicly putting his name in trade rumors? To scare him? I recall when Sam Hinkie was unfairly criticized for not treating his players like people, and Jackson’s bully routine with his best player seems very counterproductive.

Oh yeah, this too:

Celtics latest

There were rumors that Boston was trying to acquire a second lottery pick to add to a potential Porzingis trade. Could they land one from Minnesota?

Speaking of that 7th overall pick, Minnesota is looking to acquire Jimmy Butler in a trade:

Opposing executives believe Minnesota is considering using its No. 7 pick as part of a package to try to re-engage the Chicago Bulls on a trade for Jimmy Butler, ESPN has learned.

How it affects the Sixers: I’m not sure the type of trade package consisting of players on Boston’s roster that could net the seventh pick, but there will be Celtics trade rumors as long as Danny Ainge has his #assets. Ainge has shown a reluctance to push his chips into the table, but they are still a team to watch.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, it sounds like the Celtics will use the No. 3 overall pick. Many mock drafts have them selecting Jayson Tatum in that spot.

Also, there is a major financial incentive for Butler to stay in Chicago:

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