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February 25, 2016

Howie Roseman hints that running back could be a position of interest in the draft

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022516DeMarcoMurray Matt Rourke/AP

DeMarco Murray remained tethered to the line of scrimmage in 2015.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Although they may be wildly overpaying for it, the Eagles have a surplus of talent and depth at running back. It is one of the rare positions on the roster where they seem to be set for the 2016 season.

And yet, running back is somewhat of an underrated need for the Eagles this offseason. DeMarco Murray is likely to be back with the team in 2016, however, the Eagles can move on from him and save $4 million off their cap in 2017. Barring a monster comeback season, the Eagles will likely jump at that opportunity.

Meanwhile, Darren Sproles will turn 33 in June and Ryan Mathews is effective when healthy, but, you know, rarely healthy. The Eagles don't have an obvious immediate need for a new back, but they will.

That is something that Howie Roseman seems to recognize. Roseman was asked about the possibility of Murray having to re-work his deal, but he answered with more of a long-view approach. 

"I think at every position you’re trying to balance the present and the future," said Roseman. "You don’t want to go into any offseason with a bare position because all of a sudden you have to get rid of everyone at the same time. Whatever that position is, you have to strike a balance between veterans and young players coming through. As we look at it, not just at that position but everywhere we look, we want to make sure that everyone’s not coming up at the same time in free agency, and that our positions are well covered if we lose guys going forward."

Drafting a running back wouldn't be immediately satisfying, but it is a position that could otherwise be bare in 2017.

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