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June 02, 2015

It's primary day in New Jersey; polls open until 8 p.m.

Few contested races and few voters expected

Tuesday is primary day in New Jersey, with the focus on seats in the Assembly, nearly all of which are uncontested.

As a result, turnout is expected to be very low. The last time the Assembly was the draw of a primary election was in 1999, when only 6 percent of the electorate showed up, according to the Associated Press, which explained the rarity as a result of how the term lengths work.

  • Contact your county's superintendent of elections or commissioner of registration. There's a list here. You can reach the state Division of Elections at (609) 292-3760.
  • Find your polling place

Incumbents face a challenge in just four of the 40 districts. A fifth district has open seats. In some areas, there are also additional local races.

Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Candidates can run as part of a group or “bracket,” which means they are printed together on the ballot. Here is a rundown of the contested races:

Republican challenge in 9th District:

Brian E. Rumpf and DiAnne C. Gove are the two bracketed incumbents running in a district that stretches through parts of Atlantic, Burlington and Ocean counties. Their slogan describes them as the “regular” Republicans. The two challengers bracketed together are Fredric R. Kociban and Howard Height, who are running under the slogan “common sense Conservatives.”

Republican challenge in the 24th District:

In a district that encompasses Sussex and parts of Warren and Morris counties, F. Parker Space and Gail Phoebus are the incumbents who are bracketed together. They are facing two challengers, Nathan C. Orr, under the slogan “politics without money,” and Marie S. Bilik, whose slogan is “proven Conservative leadership." They are not bracketed.

Democrat challenge in 15th District:

Dan Toto, running under the slogan “a better Democrat,” is trying to oust one of the two incumbents, Reed Gusciora and Elizabeth Maher Muoio, who are bracketed together. This district includes parts of Hunterdon and Mercer counties.

Democrat challenge in 20th District:

Four Democrats are challenging the two incumbents in this Union County district. The two incumbents are Annette Quijano and Jamel Holley, who are bracketed together. They are being challenged by Jorge A. Batista and Vivian Bell (“Union County Progressive Democratic Organization”) under one bracket, as well as A. Tony Monteiro and Giuliano A. Farina (“Real Democrats for Change”) under another.

Democrat challenge in the 31st District:

There are no incumbents in this race. The district includes part of Hudson County. Joseph W. Conte and Ramon “Ray” Regalado are bracketed together under the slogan “Hudson County Democrats United.” Angela V. McKnight and Nicholas Chiaravalloti are bracketed together under the slogan “Hudson County Democratic Organization,” and also bracketed together are Bruce D. Alston and Washington Flores, whose slogan is “uniting community and public service.” Dejon Morris is also running under the slogan “committed to restoring the people's trust.”

To see the full list of Assembly races across the state, click here.

You can also search for specific information about your local races, including polling places, at the New Jersey Department of State’s website.