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October 12, 2018

Watch Post Malone introduce Olive Garden to Jimmy Fallon

The 'Tonight Show' host had never been to the restaurant, so the rapper treated him to a special night out

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Post Malone takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden YouTube/YouTube

Post Malone takes Jimmy Fallon out for his first Olive Garden experience.

Post Malone's love affair with Olive Garden is a very real one. About a week ago the rapper appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and mentioned how he celebrates every milestone at the chain restaurant, and Fallon noted he had never been to one.

Malone then took it upon himself to invite the host out for a night of endless breadsticks. On Thursday's show, we got to see Fallon's first meal with the Americanized-Italian restaurant, Post Malone-style.

The pair leaves in a pink limo Hummer and arrives to the Times Square Olive Garden. They begin their meal with a wine sampling, naturally. 

Malone and Fallon sniff the wines and Malone comments, “What is that palette picking up?” 

He continues, “A grape." 

Fallon adds, “Like an alcohol kind of thing.”

The breadsticks arrive and Olive Garden savant, Malone, teaches Fallon how to eat them properly. First, you open the butter, pick your breadstick and bite the tip off. Then after you’ve taken your first bite, you add about “2 mm” of butter. Fallon then attempts to the try the breadstick in wine, Malone sits somewhat impressed, but the host spits it out almost immediately.

Fallon was enamored and confused with the restaurant's ability to give away so much food for relatively free. As Olive Garden fans know, the breadsticks and the salad are unlimited. 

Fallon kept pausing like a true dad looking for a catch, “Just some clarification here. So this is unlimited, the salad?" 

Adding, "Do we pay for anything? How do you guys make money here?"

Malone orders for the both of them, two “extra crispy” chicken parmesan entrees. Fallon tops off the evening by telling the waitress it’s Malone’s birthday. (His actual birthday is in July.) The waitress nods and explains they give a complimentary cake. 

Fallon then exclaims, “You don’t pay for anything at this place! It’s unbelievable!” 

After Malone gets his birthday celebration filled with singing and free cake, Fallon then signs over the rights for their old slogan, “When you’re here you’re family,” to a semi-emotional Malone.

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