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May 16, 2017

Joel Embiid continues Rihanna pursuit: 'I’m 7-2, good looking, and women usually like my accent’

Joel Embiid will represent the Sixers at the draft lottery tonight, but he spent some time earlier in the day helping ESPN out. At the Worldwide Leader’s Upfronts in New York City, he took part in a presentation with SportsCenter hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill as well as former Destiny Child singer Kelly Rowland (who was once booed in Philly during the NBA Finals).

Embiid said that he’ll be back on the court in a couple of weeks, that “hopefully this is the last time” the Sixers are in the lottery, but most importantly, he was asked about Rihanna:

“I mean, look at myself,” Embiid said about his longtime crush. “I’m 7’2”, I’m good looking. You know, women usually like my accent because I’m from Cameroon in Africa and I’m pretty intelligent too.

“And I’m funny. I love pretty women… I feel good about myself. She's got to trust the process.”

Once Embiid’s basketball’s career is over (and for Philadelphia’s sake, let’s hope that’s a long time from now), he definitely got a future in some sort of media.

As for a date with Rihanna? Well, let’s not go too far. 

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