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November 23, 2015

Katy Perry stars in festive, but bizarre, holiday ad for H&M

The singer also used the campaign to debut her new tune, 'Every Day Is a Holiday'

Holidays Katy Perry
Katy Perry for H&M Screenshot/H&M

Katy Perry appears on this list of great songs to listen to while stuck in traffic.

Katy Perry is known for her cotton candy hair colors; sparkly, suggestive outfits; and wide-eyed dance moves. 

But in her newly released holiday ad campaign for H&M, "Happy & Merry," (get it, H&M) Perry proves the envelope can be pushed even further -- and can possibly be stuffed with sparkles. 

In the video, Perry appears in several equally odd roles, from that of a flying, bodacious fairy who flutters over twerking teddy bears to a toy soldier.

She also uses the dizzyingly festive, borderline creepy and undoubtedly bizarre ad performance to debut her new holiday song, "Every Day Is a Holiday."

The singer is expected to release the full version of the song "shortly," according to Twitter. 

Experience it for yourself: