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March 02, 2023

KFC announces return of the Double Down, a sandwich with fried chicken buns

Starting Monday, March 6, the unique concoction will be available for a limited time

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KFC double down sandwich crispy chicken limited time Provided Image/Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is bringing back its Double Down sandwich, which uses fried chicken filets as buns, for a limited time starting Monday, March 6.

For customers who feel like the typical fried chicken sandwich simply doesn't have enough chicken, one fast food restaurant has just the thing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing back its popular Double Down  a bread-less sandwich with buns made of crispy chicken  for a limited time starting Monday, March 6. The meaty snack was last seen on the KFC menu about a decade ago.

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The Double Down is filled with cheese and bacon packed between two fried white meat chicken filets. Customers can choose between mayonnaise or spicy sauce as a topping.

"The Double Down is one of the most buzzworthy fast food menu items ever," said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S. "After nearly a decade of people begging for its return, we're embracing the chaos, bringing back our most iconic sandwich ever for just four weeks."

Originally debuting on April Fool's Day in 2010, the Double Down sold more than 10 million sandwiches in one month. 

At the time, the concoction sparked much debate over its safety. For example, a vegan nutritionist group recommended that KFC should add a warning label to the sandwich and refrain from advertising it near schools. On the other hand, a trio of Canadian doctors compared the Double Down's nutritional value (or lack thereof) to that of an egg yolk.

Either way, the oddity returned to the menu in 2014 due to popular demand, before disappearing again — until now.

"Spotted: an elusive, bun-less sandwich only seen once every ten years," KFC wrote on Instagram.

This third iteration of the chicken lover's dream is already being met with a wide variety of public reactions. On KFC's post, which already has over 25 thousand likes, comments range from "Finally it's back" to "Dear God..." and even "the most beautiful thing ever created."

The Double Down will be available nationwide for four weeks starting March 6, but fans of the unique sandwich can sign up online for a chance to sink their teeth into the crispy chicken buns a day early.

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