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Fast Food

Health News

Harmful chemicals discovered in containers used by several fast food and grocery chains

Fast Food PFAS


Eagles' DeVonta Smith has a McDonald's breakfast ritual before home games

Devonta Smith Eagles McDonalds

Food & Drink

Chick-fil-A faces a sauce shortage amid industry-wide supply chain issues

Chick-fil-A Sauce Shortage


South Jersey McDonald's sued for alleged feces-stained burger wrapper

McDonalds Poo Lawsuit


Retro McDonald's closes on Broad Street in South Philly

McDonald's South Philly2


Boston Market targeting Philly area as part of U.S. expansion

Boston Market Expansion


Wawa testing burgers, waffle fries and chicken sandwiches

Wawa burgers


Long John Silver's manager allegedly put inmate boyfriend on payroll at Pennsylvania fast food joint

Long John Silver's Theft

Food & Drink

Best gluten-free, fast-dining spots in Philadelphia for when you're on the go

Gluten free dining Philadelphia

Odd News

New Jersey couple sues Taco Bell over $2.18 chalupa dispute

Taco Bell green brook lawsuit

Healthy Eating

Philly requiring chain restaurants to warn customers of foods with high sodium

French Fries High Sodium

Healthy Eating

Fast food may be a factor in rising teen depression, study finds

McDonald's Sodium


Jimmy John's in Philly offering $1 late night sandwiches on Friday

JJBLT Jimmy Johns


Take that, Sheetz: Food & Wine names Wawa best fast food in Pennsylvania

Wawa food & wine


Pennsylvania man hospitalized for ingesting possible razor shards in Taco Bell food

Taco Bell East Stroudsburg


Burger King rolling out vegetarian Impossible Whopper this year


Rider University dean resigns position over school’s Chick-fil-A controversy


Food & Drink

Now you can get a Shake Shack food truck for your next private event

shake shack food truck

Food & Drink

Fire closes new Warminster Steak ’n Shake just one day after it opens

Steak 'n Shake


Checkers opening 40 new Philly-area locations, hiring 1,000 employees

Checkers store


Avoid these unhealthy menu items when you're out to eat

Fried food - burger and fries unhealthy

Healthy Eating

McDonald's antibiotic-reduction effort could change the entire meat industry



Craving Waffle House or In-N-Out Burger in Philly? Here are the closest locations!

Waffle House


How to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant

Per holding a cheeseburger

Food & Drink

Market survey proclaims Wawa the best fast-casual sandwich maker in country

New Jersey Wawa Gas Station Stock_Carroll

Fast Food

Center City Burger King 'refuses' to sell chain's new 'Philly Cheese King'

Philly Cheese King

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania Arby's one of 16 to test limited-run seared duck sandwich

Arby's Duck Sandwich

Food & Drink

Panera Bread is testing out a double bread bowl in Philly

Panera double bread bowl


You can get free fries from McDonalds every Friday, if you like using apps

McDonald's french fries


New Chick-fil-A set to open in Cherry Hill after Memorial Day


Food & Drink

Business Insider finds millennials who haven't tried Chick-fil-A for dumb video

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich

Odd News

Strange request at Delaware McDonald's ends in alleged firearm threat


Goodbye, South Philly McDonald's

McDonald's South Philly

April Fools' Day

Two decades ago, Taco Bell convinced America that it had bought the Liberty Bell



Bad news, foodies: Going out to eat could destroy your hormones

Carroll - Bad For You - Burger King Chicken

Food & Drink

These five discontinued fast food items need to come back to menus immediately

Discontinued Fast Food Angus Burger McDonald's Spicy Chicken Nuggets Wendy's


Six reasons to avoid eating fast food

woman with fast food in hand

Bad For You

Bad For You - Arby's Venison Sandwich

Arby's Venison Sandwich


Chick-fil-A testing spicy chicken strips in Philly


Bad For You

Bad For You – Taco Bell’s Naked and Dressed Egg Tacos

Taco Bell’s Naked and Dressed Egg Tacos

Food & Drink

Arby's bringing back Venison Sandwich; this time you can get it in Philly

The Arby's Venison Sandwich


Chickie's & Pete's to release mouthwatering Crabfries Card for lucky customers