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April 23, 2023

McDonald's to offer Big Mac dipping sauce cups for a limited time

The app-exclusive product, packaged in the retro silver and blue of original Big Mac wrappers, will be available starting Thursday, April 27

The secret sauce on a McDonald's Big Mac elevates the sandwich above its many fast food burger competitors, and customers will soon have the chance to enjoy the special condiment on its own.

McDonald's is introducing Big Mac sauce dip cups for a limited time at participating restaurants across the country starting Thursday, April 27. The individual sauce packs can be purchased exclusively through the McDonald's app. 

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The "creamy, tangy, slightly sweet and perfectly dippable sauce" will be available for no extra charge with the purchase of McNuggets. It can also be bought a la carte to pair with other menu items like fries, hash browns, chicken sandwiches, Filet-O-Fish or even enjoyed by the spoonful by diehard Mac sauce fans.

Big Mac sauce dipping cups will feature retro blue and silver packaging, inspired by the original Big Mac sandwich wraps.

In 1968, Big Macs debuted nationally after a McDonald's owner/operator in Pittsburgh came up with the idea for a double burger sandwich, which has remained an iconic McDonald's menu item ever since. This is the first time the sauce will get its own place on the menu, although 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce were given away to lucky customers in 2017.

This is the latest effort by McDonald's to tap into customers' nostalgia. In October, the fast food chain sold adult Happy Meals complete with collectible figurines of the McDonald's mascots.

While McDonald's has been playing to customers' sentimentality for the past in recent campaigns, it also has been moving into the future. McDonald's announced improvements to burger menu items including the Big Mac, the McDouble and the classic cheeseburger, double cheeseburger and hamburger. 

The updates include softer buns toasted golden brown, "perfectly melted cheese," white onions added to patties while they're still on the grill and more Big Mac sauce. The changes will be rolled out to McDonald's restaurants nationwide by 2024.

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