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February 15, 2023

Pepsi and Peeps marshmallow-flavored soda hits markets for first time

The drink was released to 3,000 sweepstakes winners in 2021; by popular demand, it's available nationwide for a limited time

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pepsi peeps marshmallow soda Provided Image/PepsiCo

Pepsi is collaborating with Peeps to bring back their marshmallow-flavored soda, which they first released as part of a sweepstakes in 2021. The beverage is on sale in stores nationwide for a limited time.

As spring approaches, customers can expect to see grocery store candy aisles packed with colorful bunny- and chick-shaped sweets. Something they may not be anticipating, though, is to see a pastel Peeps logo in the beverage aisle.

PepsiCo is collaborating with Just Born Quality Confections, which makes Peeps, to bring back their marshmallow-flavored "Pepsi x Peeps" soda. The beverage is on sale now in stores nationwide for a limited time.

Customers can purchase the special cola, outfitted in bright yellow Peeps packaging, in 7.5 ounce Pepsi mini-can multipacks or 20 oz bottles. Buying the beverage will also unlock a special Snapchat filter that uses augmented reality technology to drop users into egg hunts with chances to win prizes.

"The collaboration is truly unparalleled – a delicious and refreshing treat, celebrated by two loyal fanbases, that brings unapologetic enjoyment to Pepsi and Peeps lovers all over the country," Katelyn Meola, brand director for Pepsi, said.

Peeps and Pepsi first joined forces in 2021, offering the concoction only to 3,000 fans who entered a sweepstakes. The soda went viral online and was even sold on the secondary market for hundreds of dollars due to its limited quantity, according to Pepsi. 

Due to popular demand, the brands once again have teamed up to offer the product at retailers for the first time.

The marshmallow-flavored Pepsi has a softer texture and is sweeter than the average soda, "embodying Peeps without overdoing it," according to Thrillist.

Peeps, which has a factory in Bethlehem, has joined forces with major food and drink companies to create marshmallow-infused concoctions before, including Dunkin' and Oreo

Pepsi is also no stranger to unique collaborations. During the holiday season, the soda brand worked with actress Lindsay Lohan on a campaign promoting "pilk," a combination of Pepsi and milk that gained attention on social media.

While marshmallows and soda may not seem the likeliest of combinations, the two brands do have names that almost beg to be fused. In fact, many social media users back in 2021 wondered why the companies fumbled the opportunity to call their collaboration "Peepsi," prompting Pepsi to respond to all the buzz on Twitter.

It seems "David from Legal" did not approve the name mashup this time around either, as the Pepsi x Peeps title remains in place for the drink's 2023 rebirth.

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