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May 18, 2015

Kid Hazo puts his own twist on 'King of Jeans' sign

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Queen of Jeans Leah Kauffman/PhillyVoice

Kid Hazo's "Queen of Jeans" on East Passyunk Avenue.

The "King of Jeans" may have been removed from his throne, but it looks like a denim-clad queen is prepared to rule the kingdom of East Passyunk.    

East Passyunk residents awoke Saturday morning to “Queen of Jeans”— the latest work from industrious street artist Kid Hazo and South Fellini— hanging from a fence at the former “King of Jeans” site on 1843 E. Passyunk Ave.

The vinyl sign resembles the original Patrick Nagel-inspired “King of Jeans” design except for a few things: the male and female figures have traded places, and the much bustier "Queen" is wearing pants.  

Queen of Jeans 2

There's no telling how long Hazo's sign will remain on the fence, so go see it while you can.