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October 10, 2018

A healthier hack: behold an oil-free roasted veggies recipe

Enjoy roasted veggies this season – without the extra oil-filled calories

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Make your roasted veggies a whole lot healthier with this oil-free hack.

Now, well into fall, we’re heading toward roasting season with full force.

And while a side of roasted veggies may seem like the ultimate #healthyeatinggoals, you may be seriously racking up the calorie count of the dish by slathering your roasted harvest in tons of oil. While yes, this makes them oh-so crispy and delicious, just one tablespoon of olive oil clocks in at 120-ish calories. Needless to say, your free pour of oil is probably more than, like, three tablespoons. Yikes.

Fret not, crisped veggie-loving friends! There’s an ingenious healthy hack for roasted veggies, sans the oil, from plant-based recipe developer and blogger Minimalist Baker (a must-follow on Instagram, IMO). Minimalist Baker takes her name quite literally, as all of her recipes require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl or 30 minutes or less to prepare. How’s that for healthy eating made easy?

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Without further ado, behold Minimalist Baker’s brilliant hack for oil-free roasted veggies: steam first, then roast! Well, for starchy veggies — like carrots, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts — at least. Per Minimalist Baker’s instruction, you’ll bring a large pot or rimmed skillet pan filled with water to a boil, throw a colander or strainer on top and pop those starchy vegetables in the basket to steam until they’re tender. As in, a knife should easily pierce the chopped veggies.

After steaming, you’ll throw the steamed veggies onto a roasting pan with your favorite non-starchy veggies like, broccolini and zucchini — which don’t require any pre-steaming — with some seasonings like salt, pepper and curry powder and and pop that tray into a 375-degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes. And, voila

“At this point, they’re ready to serve! However, I find that the vegetables are enhanced with a bit of fresh lemon juice, some herbs, and a drizzle of tahini,” says the Minimalist Baker. And to that we say, trust the professional.

The Minimalist Baker has many more healthy (and drool-worthy!) recipes you can check out here.

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