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January 12, 2017

Knicks writer trolled after calling Sixers 'officially awful'

The Sixers won Wednesday night in incredible fashion — more on that here. Naturally, however, the storyline farther north on I-95 was that the Knicks lost. The Knicks led for most of the game, and at some point around midway through, New York Daily News columnist Frank Isola assessed the Sixers' play as bad enough to declare the team "officially awful."

Isola had some jokes, too. (Dario Saric is Croatian! Trust the process! LOL!) But the Knicks would go on to blow a 10-point lead, and the Sixers fanbase, always active on Twitter, blew up Isola's mentions for the rest of the night, including appearances from Crying Jordan, Donald Trump, Joel Embiid, Embiid's celebrity crush Rihanna, Embiid voter Sam Hinkie and even the naked man often used to troll 6ABC:

In fairness to Isola, he's much harder on the Knicks. In his Thursday column following the loss in Philly, he called the team "pitiful" and sharply criticized the team's decision to allow Derrick Rose to play after he disappeared to go see his mom without letting the team know first:

The season is spiraling out of control both on and off the court for the Knicks, who have lost nine of their last 10 entering Thursday’s home game against Rose’s former team, the Chicago Bulls.

The Knicks are now a pitiful 17-22 and you have to wonder how long before Garden Chairman James Dolan erupts, and rightfully so, over the state of his basketball team.

This is what you get for trying to win at all costs. The Knicks are so desperate for a victory that they sacrificed all team values and didn’t suspend Rose for going AWOL. It would have been a tough call for Phil Jackson to make but it would have been the right call.

Meanwhile, following the Sixers' fourth win in five games, here's the current mood in Philadelphia: