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January 03, 2016

Making a resolution? Here's some advice for the ages

Hey let's face it, a new year opens the door to a new you.

There's no end to the number of things we might choose to change about the way we live our daily lives:

• Having a more positive outlook on life.

• Improving relationships with family members or friends.

• Minding our physical – and fiscal – health.

According to research, about 40 percent of adults set goals for themselves in a new year.

But what can you do – as you get older – to improve your chances of reaching goal?

Dr. Janet Taylor at Fox News Health offers suggestions for age-appropriate resolutions for 2016.

For people in their thirties, she recommends:

Turn off technology and tune in to each other. Engage in more face-to-face time. Good relationships can contribute to a "good life."

In your forties? Taylor says you might:

De-clutter. Clearing out a physical space helps you relax and process with more clarity. Begin with one drawer, closet or area. Mindfully throw things away by only keeping what brings you joy or is essential to your life purpose.

Those in their fifties feeling resolute might want to:

Eat this, not that! Inform yourself about your eating patterns. Keep a food journal for one week by writing down everything that you eat and drink. Reflect on it and find one thing that you can do to make your meals and eating patterns healthier.

Taylor offers more advice for those age groups and for those 60 and older in an article on Fox News Health.

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