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New Year's Resolutions

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The best way to keep your New Year's resolutions? Set smaller, specific goals

New Year's Resolutions Running

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2024: more pickleball, less alcohol

health trends 2024 pickleball

Men's Health

American men have the tools to improve their overall health in the new year, despite a poor showing in 2022

Men's Health 2023

Mental Health

To reduce stress levels in the new year, try sleeping more, adopting a hobby and other strategies

Stress Management Strategies

Healthy Eating

The MIND diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and memory loss

MIND diet

Healthy Eating

The Paleo diet may help people lose weight, but its long-term effects are unclear

Paleo diet

Healthy Eating

Seeking to eat less meat without going full vegetarian? Become a Flexitarian

Flexitarian diet

Healthy Eating

Trying to eat more heart-healthy foods? Switch to the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet

Men's Health

Summer makes a great time to revisit your resolutions to live healthier

Summer Beach Exercise


How to keep your New Year’s resolutions to quit drinking and other unhealthy habits

Purchased - Wine being poured down the drain

Men's Health

Make lifestyle changes to improve your health in 2021 – the pandemic proves you can

Healthy Habits 2021


Know no boundaries: Anytime is a good time to embark on a healthy lifestyle

Motivation Plan Healthy Lifestyle

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Jefferson Health patient who lost 150 pounds encourages others to keep their New Year's resolutions

Luis Salazar Weight Loss Jefferson health


Kick off 2020 with Resolution Run through Valley Forge

Valley Forge National Historical Park


You can sign up for unlimited barre3 classes to use through January

barre3 January challenge


Penn Medicine survey helps people create goals for reducing cancer risk


3 must-drink wines with your New Year’s resolutions



New Year’s resolutions: Folly or wisdom?



Resolution Run aims to help participants stick to their 2017 fitness goals

Stock_Carroll - Running on Schuylkill River Trail


Study: Hunter-gatherer mentality possible reason why New Year’s resolutions to lose weight fail



Six local gyms for kick-starting your New Year’s resolution

New Year's Resolutions

Making a resolution? Here's some advice for the ages


Reddit user follows up with community's 2015 resolutions



8 ways to stick with your fitness resolutions in 2018

New Years celebratory hats 2018


Forget New Year's resolutions: Why October's the best month to start running


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Health and diet trends in 2015


Make your New Year's resolutions realistic, attainable goals

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