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The best way to keep your New Year's resolutions? Set smaller, specific goals

New Year's Resolutions Running


Video games like 'Super Mario Odyssey' have the potential to help people with depression, study suggests

Depression Video Games

Senior Health

Medicare expands the roster of available mental health professionals

Medicare Mental Health


Bluey teaches children and parents alike about how play supports creativity – and other life lessons

Bluey TV Parenting

Mental Health

Reducing social media usage by just 15 minutes a day improves one's well-being, research suggests

Mental Health

What is somatic therapy? Advocates believe it explores connections between mental health and physical symptoms

somatic therapy

Mental Health

Why are Americans killing strangers who knock on the wrong door, or yell on the subway?

Mental Health

A weed-fueled, psychotic break helped inspire new animated film 'Bug Therapy,' a nudge for mental health treatment

Bug Therapy Movie Mental Health

Mental Health

A little bit of narcissism is normal and healthy; here's how to tell when it becomes pathological

Pathological Narcissism

Mental Health

How to get over the Eagles' Super Bowl loss, according to a psychologist

Mental Health

When texts suddenly stop: Why people ghost on social media

Ghosting text

Adult Health

Why can't you remember being born, learning to walk or saying your first words?

Mom and baby

Senior Health

Your personality can affect your risk of cognitive impairment

Personality Cognitive Impairment


Why your kid won't put down the smartphone – it's not your fault

Smartphone Addiction Teens

Health News

Americans are stressed about inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, survey finds

Stress Survey APA


Why does experiencing 'flow' feel so good? A communication scientist explains

Feel Flow Snowboarding

Adult Health

Where were you on 9/11? Why our 'flashbulb' memories aren't as accurate as we believe

memories of sept 11


A psychologist’s take on the healing power of listening

Women having a conversation at a table

Health Stories

The COVID-19 crisis is giving people vivid dreams – but what do they mean?

COVID Dreaming

Mental Health

How to listen with empathy when you are feeling the strain of social distancing

COVID-19 conflict resolution

Mental Health

Asking Americans to wear cloth masks is a hard sell – there's a psychological reason why


Bad dreams may help you deal with your fear, study says

Bad dreams benefit emotions

Healthy Eating

A psychologist's guide to holiday eating

Children's Health

Keeping kids healthy and sane in a digital world

Teen Cellphone 06062019

Mental Health

New mental health care guidelines for females promote empathy, empowerment

female mental health care guidelines


Attend a free panel discussion on stepfamilies at Chestnut Hill College

Carroll - Chestnut Hill College

Mental Health

Too much cuteness confuses the brain and can lead to aggressive thoughts, study finds

cute puppy pexels

Health News

Why some love Black Friday shopping and others loathe it


Health News

Why do Black Friday shoppers throw punches over bargains? ‘Psychological ownership,’ that's why


Health News

Here's why you love getting the daylights scared out of you


Women's Health

There are several types of miscarriage, but none are talked about enough


Mental Health

Selena Gomez is undergoing 'dialectical behavioral therapy' — here's what that is


'Fortnite' teaches the wrong lessons



Playing favorites: When your toddler prefers one parent over another


Mental Health

Temple lands $2.6 million grant to reduce dental anxiety


Mental Health

Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend


Health News

More than half of Americans won’t date someone with psoriasis, new study finds


Teen Health

The start of high school doesn't have to be stressful


Health News

Why are there so many suckers? A neuropsychologist explains



Why do paper cuts hurt so much?



Penn Medicine launches first neuroaesthetics research center in United States

Stock_Carroll - Penn Medicine

Health News

When does hungry become hangry


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