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Kidney stones have become more common; here's how to prevent them

Kidney stone prevention

Healthy Eating

The food you eat impacts the health of your eyes

Eye Health and Diet


To overcome morning grogginess, try eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast

Morning sleepiness oatmeal

Adult Health

Memory loss comes with aging, but there are ways to keep your mind sharp

Healthy brain diet

Healthy Eating

How to relieve the bloating, indigestion and heartburn caused by your Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving Upset Stomach Tips

Women's Health

Eating certain foods can make menstrual cramps worse, research shows

Diet menstrual pain

Children's Health

School lunches are an important part of a child's diet; here's how to make them fun and healthy

Healthy School Lunches

Health Stories

Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water

Water glass obesity


Most Americans have poor cardiometabolic health – here's what they can do to change that

Cardiometabolic health

Healthy Eating

Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here's what the science says

Intermittent fasting

Men's Health

Dietary needs change with age; Here are some rules to simplify eating healthy

Healthy diet

Healthy Eating

Improving your diet can be a challenge; Here are some easy tips to eat healthier

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Eating

Eating more vegetables may not prevent heart disease, study finds, but health experts stress their importance

Vegetables Heart Disease

Women's Health

Eating fruits and veggies can help reduce risk of cervical cancer, experts say

Cervical Cancer Diet

Healthy Eating

Mayo Clinic's new online diet program emphasizes sustainable lifestyle changes

New Mayo Clinic Diet Program

Adult Health

Blood pressure has spiked during the pandemic, but these tips can help you lower yours

High Blood Pressure Pandemic


Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the COVID-19 vaccine? A research scientist and fitness enthusiast explains why the answer is no


Everything you need to know about omega-3s

Purchased - Omega 3 foods


A diet rich in sugar and fat may contribute to psoriasis symptoms

Food and skin inflammation

Women's Health

Menopause symptoms differ for every woman — and so does treatment


Adult Health

The number of Americans with kidney stones continues to rise – do you know your risk?

Dehydration and kidney stones

Women's Health

Poorly managed gestational diabetes can lead to complications for mom and baby

Controlling gestational diabetes


The pandemic is making you age faster: Here's what you can do to slow it down

Aging Pandemic

Men's Health

Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle — but you don't have to give up all the foods you love

Healthy Meal

Healthy Eating

Green, leafy vegetables boost muscle strength — here's how to add them to your diet

Leafy vegetables benefits

Healthy Eating

New approaches are needed to help teens eat enough vegetables, CDC says

Teens Junk Food


The biggest health trends of 2021 – from microgreens to redefined gym workouts

2021 trends microgreens


The difference between building muscle and toning

Lifting weights off the ground

Men's Health

Relationship resiliency: A key to staying happy, and healthy, amid stress

081320 Relationships COVID-19.jpg

Children's Health

Penn, CHOP researchers receive $1.05 million grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to study childhood obesity

CHOP Chan Zuckerberg


What to expect when cutting meat from your diet

Raw meat with herbs

Healthy Eating

Swapping in olive oil for butter, mayo could limit risk for heart disease

Olive Oil Heart

Healthy Eating

Snacking on walnuts improves gut and heart health, Penn State study finds

Walnuts Penn State


Can eating chili peppers improve your cardiovascular health?

Chili peppers reduces risk of death

Health News

Popular dietary supplement kratom may cause liver damage

kratom dietary supplement liver damage


Healthy living: A gift to yourself – and the next generation

Healthy Running Men's Health


Eating yogurt and fiber may reduce the risk of lung cancer, study finds

probiotic yogurt

Healthy Eating

How many artificial sweeteners are in your child's food? It's unclear

Diet Coke Artificial Sweetener


Eating one avocado per day can reduce bad cholesterol, study says

Avocado on cutting board

Children's Health

CHOP researchers figure out how to get your picky eater to like more foods

picky eating habits CHOP

Adult Health

Most Americans say they don't have time take care of their health

health time diet exercise


Exercising before breakfast allows body to burn stored carbs and more fat, study finds

exercise while sick unsplash

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