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May 31, 2015

Man caught flying drone during Phillies game

Authorities are investigating after a man was caught flying a drone at Citizens Bank Park during Sunday afternoon's game between the Phillies and the Colorado Rockies.

Phillies staff spotted the drone hovering near third base around 4:00 p.m. before it eventually landed outside of the stadium and was confiscated by Eagles security, 6 ABC reports. It was not clear whether the operator of the drone was standing on the property of Citizens Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field.

The man cooperated with authorities and will reportedly have the drone returned to him, but police are investigating where the man stood when he controlled it to determine whether it remained within his line of site as required.

No charges have been filed, however there are restrictions on flying drones above stadiums, large gatherings, and near airports. Police are expected to follow up with the FAA on Monday, which could result in a penalty or fine.