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January 30, 2018

Minneapolis mayor takes stab at Eagles fans in Super Bowl 'welcome' video

All are welcome in Minneapolis this week as the Twin Cities gets set to host Super Bowl LII. Well, maybe except you, Eagles fans.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey took a funny jab at Eagles fans in a video, posted by Sports Illustrated, that first welcomes the NFL and fans coming to town to see the Eagles and New England Patriots play for a Super Bowl title there on Sunday.

How Minneapolis and their football fans would receive Eagles fans staying in their city for the Super Bowl, so soon after the Birds crushed the Vikings' own title hopes in a 38-7 blowout in the NFC title game on Jan. 21, figured to be an interesting side story heading into this week's festivities.

After all, some Vikings fans weren't just upset about the on-field result at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Several videos that circulated after the game showed Eagles fans, who already had a bad rap, chucking full beer cans and shouting obscenities at Vikings fans and a team bus carrying Vikings players. 

Naturally, Frey didn't pull any punches in a playful end to the 54-second video.

After talking glowingly about Minneapolis' scenery and people there who "embrace the winter in a big way," Frey offered a big welcome to both Patriots and Eagles fans.

Then he took his shot.

"For the Eagles fans, don't worry, we're going to be greasing all the lamp posts so you'll feel right at home," he said, referring to the City of Philadelphia's apparently unsuccessful attempt to slick up poles ahead of the NFC title game in anticipation of fans climbing on them afterward. "So come on out, have a great time and make sure you come back to visit us again."

But when it looked as though the video was finished, a quick outtake popped up on the screen.

"Are we seriously welcoming the f**king Eagles fans?" Frey, looking away from the camera at this point, asks with tongue firmly in cheek.

Check out the full video here: